• Bethany Salem Mutual Aid Call

    Around 15:00 hours, Sunday 27 July. Bethany-Salem Fire-Rescue along with other fire and emergency resources were called to assist in searching for a missing person in the Marble Hill area. Initial responders and additional personnel arrived as time went on and participated in search activities as well as standing by as additional manpower needs may be required. At around 19:00 hrs, Georgia DNR Aviation unit found the missing person alive and responders then went to and assessed the patient.

    Bethany-Salem personnel worked with Pickens County Fire, other volunteer station, local and state law enforcement agencies in working for a successful outcome.

  • BSFD Leadership Changes

    Last night at the Bethany Salem Fire Department Business meeting, leadership changes were voted on by the membership. Former Chief Al Godin resigned as he has retired and spending more time in Florida with his wife and working on his golf game.

    Kristy Easterwood, who has been with Bethany Salem since she was a “young’un” was selected as chief of Bethany Salem Fire Department. While she is the first female chief, she has been active and been the “behind the scenes” operation of the department for some time. Congratulations!

    One that has been with the department since the “get go”, and still being ‘the chief’ even when he resigned three years ago, Tim Prather will assist the department as Assistant Chief of Administration

    One of the core members from the “class of 2004″ Keith Moses will be the Assistant Chief of Operations.

    Congratulations for all three and best wishes for a successful tenure.

  • Fundraising Campaign

    As most of you know, our main fundraiser is the Miss Georgia Marble Festival Beauty Pageant, this year will be held 20 September at Pickens High School. (more details on the side)

    We also have pressing needs as it relates to our extrication equipment that we need to repair and maybe replace depending on scope of repairs. For this, we have started a “fundly campaign”
    This allows us to collect funds for our fire department on a secure website. We have quite a bit of equipment that need repair or replacement needed to provide service for our community.
    You can also see other details on our donations page.

    Our goal is $10,000.00 If each person in our service area contributed $4.00 we would be well on our way to meet this goal.

    Thank You,

  • Wildfire Risk Assesment Portal

    For those that are in our “hilly areas” below is a portal developed to provide information on possible risk for wildfires, there are several different criteria available, including surface fuels, ignition levels and wildland urban interface. We will also be placing a link in our Sites Links


  • Breaking News!

    Bethany Salem Fire Department was advised today by ISO that our rating has improved (gone down) to a 5/5y effective 1 September 2014.

    The class 5 is for those within 1000′ of a water source. The 5y will be for those within 5 miles of the fire station with no water.

    Nearly, 3500 households will benefit from this increased rating.

    At this time, those that reside in the Salcoa Highlands area of the district will not see a reduction in their ISO rating, but with projects including a new fire station near the area that will be built from SPLOST, this will help in future ISO ratings.

    We thank the Volunteer firefighters and staff who spent numerous days and hours to ensure a successful ISO review.


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